Motown Style Ballroom Dance

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Classroom Protocol

Our list of "Do's & Do Not's", So The Class Runs Smoothly

  • Do not use the convenience of our classroom setting to promote events or activities without the "Approval" or sanction of the instructor. (Flyers/Invitations, etc.)
  • Dance class participants must be registered. No one is allowed to participate in class lessons that are not a registered class member.
  • Class participants must wear their badges on the dance floor. Badges are to be picked up in the beginning of each class and returned at the end of each session.
  • Coats, jackets, and outerwear should be hung on coat racks provided in the class room area. Purses, cell phones, hats, books etc. may be placed on top of the rack.
  • All visitors must wait outside of the dance class area.
  • Please ask your guest to be seated outside the class and not to stand in or block the doorway.

Missed Classes

  • If classes are missed due to cancellation, the instructors will reschedule the class(es) to meet the required number of classes offered. Instructors are not responsible to make arrangements for missed classes that are not canceled.
  • Classes missed by participants due to personal reasons are not guaranteed to be made up outside of the normal class schedule.
  • If you miss a scheduled class and wish to attend a different class for a make up, you must get the approval of the instructors. It is not automatic or guaranteed that you will be allowed to attend a class that you are NOT registered in.
  • As a guest in a different class you are required to obtain a white "guest" badge when you arrive and return it at the end of the dance session.
  • As a guest in an unscheduled class, you are not guaranteed to dance with a partner. (Unless you come as a registered couple) You must wait until the class members have partnered to see if there is an available partner.

Improving Your Dance Skills

Each week's lesson is based upon the previous class lesson. Therefore, it is important to practice after each session and before the next session to help move your class along. Less time will be spent each week playing catch up. Regular practice (even 5-10 minutes) will improve your skills. Dancing once a week during class will not guarantee improvement in your ability.

Thank You.

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